Before the 70’s

Our grandfather was winegrower and winemaker as his forefathers. The wine they produced before the 70’s was not bottled and marketed by the family but sold to other wineries (or “Negociants”)


In 1970 Jose Antonio Berrueco, our father, proposed to our grandfather to bottle and market their own wines. We take our grandfather as first reference of our winery and first generation of the winemaker family, because he was who started to market our bottled wines with our father and our uncle.

Early 70’s

During those years our father, together with his brother, was making and bottling the wines from our own vineyards and marketing them mainly in the local market. The style of wine was red young wine made by Carbonic Maceration of the entire grape bunches.

Mid 70s

Our father bought the first oak “barriques” in 1976 and started to mature the wines. At that time, this new style of wine didn’t fit on the nowadays well-know Crianza because the purpose of our father was just to soften the young wine tannins and give some oaky flavours to the wine. For that purpose, there was no need to age the wine during one year in oak as the regulations stated for Crianza wines.


Winery facilities were enlarged. Product range was still the same: young red wine and oak matured wine (not Crianza)


New vineyards were acquired. The winery focused specially on vineyards care. At the same time the first Crianzas and Reservas were produced.

Early 2000’s

The family started to think, talk and plan the generational transition on the family vineyards and winery. However, due to the fact that our father feels fit and full of energy to lead the business, the generational transition did not go live yet. Thought, the sons got more and more involved in the daily business.


In 2012, José Antonio Berrueco decided to hand over the lead of the winery to his three son and daughters, the third generation of the family. The winery adopted the name “Berarte Viñedos y Bodegas S.L.” as the new denomination for the business.